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My Nieces on Their First Boat Ride

May and Josie

In June I went on a family trip to the Berkshires with my in-laws. I spent a lot of time drawing and painting with my two nieces, May and Josie. I am not biased. They really are the cutest, smartest kids ever. One day we rented a pontoon boat and went out on a gorgeous lake surrounded by rolling hills and mountains in the distance. The girls are 7 and 9 and neither had ever been on a boat before. As we stood on the boat dock, there were doubts and even a couple of tears, but all fears were quickly turned into crazy happy smiles. I painted these two 12x12 canvases based on photos I took on that trip. What I love about these two paintings is that each one perfectly captures their personalities. The younger one displays her happiness with her entire face. The older one shows it through her eyes.

Below are more photos of the paintings, and our trip to the Berkshires.

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