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My goal is to capture the subject's unique personality on canvas. I work with my clients to understand who they are and how to paint them. Clients often choose a series of 12x12 paintings of siblings or pets to hang together.

Paula: portrait of a woman
Mary: portrait of a woman
Betty Ann
Varune: portrait of a man
Ramones Kid
Josie: Portrait of a Girl
Trevor: portrait of a boy
Portrait of Ella
Emily: self portrait
Little Girl

I took this photo of Mary in a scarf shop in Fez, Morocco. I cropped it very tightly to create the painting. The photo was overexposed and her eyes lacked detail in the photo, but not in the painting!

Portrait of a woman by artist Emily Flowers
Portrait of a girl by artist Emily Flowers

The original photo of May was taken with her sister Josie. For May's portrait, I focused on her face, especially her eyes. They were visiting a farm with goats that day and really enjoying the animals!

This is the original photograph that I used to paint Josie's portrait. This was her first time on a boat and she was having an amazing day. She really likes mermaids so I wanted to make her hair fly in the wind, something which obviously wasn't happening in the photo!

Portrait of a girl by artist Emily Flowers


When I work from photos, I like to use a tight crop to zoom in on an aspect of the subject's face or personality. 

My goal for is to create something unique, modern, and fun: a portrait that is more a work of art than a portrait.

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